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The Week in Comments: "Hyypia was a pretty good Finnisher for a center back"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

There is nothing better than people posing with this statue.
There is nothing better than people posing with this statue.
Alex Livesey

Liverpool's Internationals Preview and Schedule, 09.10.13

Sami Hyypia was a pretty good Finnisher for a center back.

— RichieToGabbySCORE

Here's the Buzz: Brentford Loan for Teixeira

CStars: I’m sure he’ll be the bee’s knees at Brentford.
nihil in moderato: Oh, honey.
latortillablanca: buzz off the both of you.
c_dowley: That stings.
SorenK: I had my honey comb the interwebs trying to find out more about this one!!!

Anfield Redevelopment Moving Forward

FSG, Rodgers, LFC

Have all been saying but more importantly doing the right things. It scares me to have expectations due to all the times we’ve been burnt in the past. It scares me not to be cynical or realistic about everything up to this point.

But I can’t help but feel hope because there is nothing I can feel negative about. Best start in a gazillion years and top of the leader board. Best transfer season in years. Strong displays of team spirit. A big up yours to excessive player power. Rodgers being positive but with realism and measured words. FSG actually taking the steps towards revamping Anfield in a sustainable affordable way.

I’m not used to all this positive action as a Hodgson era LFC convert but by damn am I happy that we’ve gotten to this point. I can be cynical but I’m going to choose not to be because for once there is evidence that we can have good things.

— janeytee

Everything's the Worst: Have a Kit Kat Edition

if anyone is interested in saving some time and still getting the gist of financial transparency, fifa, and the world cup, here is a brick wall to smash yer head into. repeatedly.

— latortillablanca

Toure: "We Have the Same Target"

Touré has leadership qualities that appear to have strong influence both on AND off the pitch. The man has won the league title with two clubs. He has been a key member of the most dominant side in the Premier League era. He has played in a high defensive line his whole career. He appears to love teaching and guiding youngsters. He smiles — a lot. He jumps for joy and hands out hugs with great vitality when his teammates succeed. And he vocally directs defensive proceedings on the pitch with every bit as much vim and vigor as our recently departed Scouse vice-captain.

Kolo is a winner, and his winning spirit is quite contagious.

— steve.b.jensen, continuing our near community-wide Kolo Toure love-in

Which of the New Boys Starts on Monday?

I don't see why there's any debate here?!

Toure’s back, so naturally the line up will be:

Toure Toure Toure Toure
————Toure Hendo———-
——-Toure Toure Toure—-
——————-Toure (Studge on 55’)

— PeterRed

Predict the Top Eight

1. Liverpool
2. Liverpool
3. Liverpool
4. Kolo Toure’s Liverpool
5. Liverpool
6. Liverpool
7. Liverpool
8. Liverpool

— Amelia L

Gif of the Week

(via flashred)

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment this week?

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