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Glen Johnson Possibly Back Sooner than Expected

Fears of a high-ankle sprain or knee ligament damage led to a grim forecast for Glen Johnson's return, but the fullback has revealed that the injury might not be as severe as originally thought.

Clive Brunskill

While Aly Cissokho is still injured and not expected back for a few weeks, it looks as though Liverpool's fullback curse might be easing off a bit--Glen Johnson, who was injured during a crunching/old-fashioned/full-blooded tackle with Patrice Evra and Lucas in the 1-0 win over Manchester United a week and a half ago, is feeling optimistic about both the state of his ankle and his prospects for a return to action. The England international poked his head out on Twitter to reveal what appears to be a bit of good news:

The club originally diagnosed the fullback with a high ankle sprain, which often carries with it an layoff in the range of six to eight weeks, with some requiring even more time before they can get back to match fitness. Earlier in the week the British press threw potential knee ligament damage into the picture as well, leaving Glen Johnson's leg dangling by a thread and the possibility of amputation lurking. Thankfully this doesn't appear to be the case, at least not quite yet.

Anything over the next two weeks is likely still a doubt; the trip to Swansea surely comes too soon, and the rest of September may yet be lost. But considering the initial concern, as well as Liverpool's complete and utter inability to have a stable fullback situation at any point ever, this is good news, and hopefully we'll be able to see Glen Johnson back at full fitness as we move into fall.

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