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Sunday Afternoon Open Thread: North London Derby Time

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Liverpool won, and that is excellent. Here's your space to talk about not that, which is something that does not make sense to me.

Paul Gilham

LIVERPOOL WON EVERYTHING IS THE BEST TOP OF THE TABLE. That feels good, huh? Here's a chance to talk about the day's other events, which includes the North London Derby in just a few minutes. Spurs can draw level on points with Liverpool at the top of the table(!!!), while Arsenal hope to build on their win last weekend and stem the crisis that's engulfed their largely solid start to the season. Other countries are doing stuff too, including a nice test for Real Sociedad as they host Ateltico Madrid and a full day in Serie A, so check out ESPNFC's scheduling page for the full rundown. Plenty of ways to pass the time and giggle to yourself while you remember the tense and wonderful and slightly erotic victory.

Check local listings for viewing options, be kind to each other here, and please don't post links to any streams that are illegal. Today was most excellent, so let's try to keep it that way.