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The Week in Comments: "It doesn't Mata, he's not coming here."

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Daniel "Grace and Poise" Agger.
Daniel "Grace and Poise" Agger.
Stu Forster

Kolo Says "Relax"

R2D_2: My impression of Kolo Toure has jumped 272% in a month.
This guy gives 124% on the pitch and 180% in interviews. Not to mention his natural understanding of the blogosphere and ability to play anywhere across the gif line. With him in our squad we’re going to have a 28 point improvement in quality over other PR teams.

Liverpool Strengthening Body And Mind

John Barnes' Thighs: I don't believe BR's plan to build this team is reliant upon a big signing

I think half the reason we are looking to splash some cash, on whoever it may be, is for the sake of splashing cash; to appease those fans that need appeasing. This is perhaps evidenced in how each target has been markedly different.

For me, a big signing would be great, but it is certainly not the end all be all of this season or any. Either way, BR’s vision for steering this club towards success — and I believe he has one — continues its progress.

Liverpool Lose Willian as Spurs Splash Bale Money

Seanster1: 7 Species of Porpoise
Many porpoise articles state that there are 6 porpoise species, however, the Society for Marine Mammalogy’s taxonomy committee states that there are seven porpoise species in the family Phocoenidae (the porpoise family): harbor porpoise (common porpoise), Dall’s porpoise, vaquita (Gulf of California harbor porpoise), Burmeister’s porpoise, Indo-Pacific finless porpoise, narrow-ridged finless porpoise, and the spectacled porpoise.
kopite892: I really don’t get what all the doom and gloom is now. BR has yet to pull the wrong strings in the last 2 windows, and there is still plenty of time to make other impact signings. We obviously didn’t feel that Willian was worth the fee so that is good enough for me since we have been very shrewd in the last 2 windows. Spurs now have an entirely new attacking force which is a task in its own right. Let’s not forget that we have the best player in the premier league on suspension right now. The season has literally just started and because of a couple of (admittedly terrific) signings, all hope is lost apparently? It’s kinda disappointing.

Sebastian Coates Suffers Torn ACL

Mr. Snrub: Monopoly game is getting thinner now...

Lucas: "I Wasn't Prepared"

nihil in moderato: Liverpool version of the Serenity Prayer?
Fowler, grant Lucas the serenity to know when the offense cannot be helped,
The courage to help when he can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.
Mr Sanchez: Can we please give this boy the raise and extension he deserves, especially with the wage bill cleaned up considerably?
100k/week, and lock him in until 2025 then. Give him a lifetime deal please, then do the same for Agger.

Willian Now Set for Chelsea Move?

Lennon's Eyebrow: THIS IS BULLSHIT
sonny badger: It doesn't Mata, he's not coming here.
Keats and Yeats are in my side !: The Germans have a word for this feeling
They call it Spursenfreude !!

Pre-Aston Villa Overnight Open Thread

Daggers tattoo guru, on the topic of lurkers delurking: It's better for us to come out of the woodwork than it is for our boys to hit the woodwork!

Matchday: Aston Villa v. Liverpool

Nebhamoo: Sorry Ed, but I have to do this to defend the honour of the blog. (A lengthy, multi-paragraph comment about how to remove tile without breaking it.)
Lis.: oF COURSE HE CAME UNDER ‘difficult circumstances’ he came from damn Chelsea

Aston Villa 0, Liverpool 1: First Thoughts

Suarez from the Car Park: Utd are always due a good stuffing. Trouble is it rarely happens!
GerrardsBoxingCoach: Go talk to Dirk Kuyt.
Chabalala : The most impressive thing about Liverpool this season is that we are literally snatching victories from the jaws of defeat while last year it was the other way round. Just to highlight my point, on Matchday 2 last year we managed to turn a hands down victory against the then Champions Manchester City into a draw. Now one year down the line, we are managing to win 1-0 against some of the most physical teams in the League by virtue of saving last minute penalties and “parking the bus”.

Aston Villa 0, Liverpool 1: Sturridge Wins It Again for Liverpool

He_Drinks_Sangria: I AM ANGRY BECAUSE WE WON THIS GAME!!!!!!!!


He_Drinks_Sangria: THEN I WILL SAY:

Sunday Open Thread: No More Critical Thinking Required

R2D_2: Rafa you say? I’d love to meet this waiter. Heard he works in a restaurant somewhere in Istanbul. They serve up really good 3-course Italian.

FLAWLESS: The Daniel Agger Story — I normally try to steer clear of both staff commments and really long comments, but Chuck's poetic stylings deserve to be read and read again.

CStars: Daniel Agger and the Rolling Stones.
Eliz’s desire for standards from players.
Daniel Agger’s passion rattling our bones.
Is it hard to find a player who truly cares?

Who will wear a club’s motto on his knuckles?
We will never deeply get to know the man
I guess that’s the point when you’re just a fan

This is more than fawning
Some may find it boring
I think Eliz sees someone
Yes, he’s cool and fun
But more than that
There’s a select few
Who make our passion feel true
The club remains
The players train
Matchday comes
Matchday goes

What does a player represent?
Not just any player
But your player
OUR player
I see Gerrard
He sees Lucas
She sees Agger
We see Coutinho?

Daniel Agger
Remember the name
He’s part of the group
Who gives some meaning to our troupe
Eliz understands and is in the loop
So let’s give her a hand
Forget about imagined despair
Focus on what is actually here
A player who will stay
Even when the most glamourous clubs look his way
Eliz understands
And that’s why she’s written this today.

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