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Sunday Open Thread: No More Critical Thinking Required

Liverpool capped off the Saturday slate of Premier League action with a win at Aston Villa, so now we can kick back and enjoy the rest of the weekend's action across the continent.

Christopher Lee

So a win is a good thing, right? Oh, it's a middling thing? Er, it's not really all that impressive? Welp, carry on then, because your joy/troubling lack of emotion/disappointment is a thing of the past. The football moves on regardless of what you and your silly feelings have to say about it, and as it turns out, there's some things probably worth watching to round off the weekend. England's not so busy--Cardiff host Manchester City and Swansea visit Spurs--but there's enough happening to help you pass the time.

Serie A gets going in full force after yesterday's appetizers, with the Rafa Benitez era starting in full in Napoli as they host a Bologna side that finished mid-table last season. What's most exciting about seeing Rafa back on the touchline is that lots of really smart people will make jokes about him not being a good manager without actually having a clue about his qualities as a manager, because Rafa and LOL and funny etc. Barca and Atletico Madrid are set for evening kickoffs in Spain, against Rayo and Malaga respectively, while in France reigning champions PSG look to climb their way back up the table after two draws to open the Ligue One season.

There's things happening--many of which can be found on ESPNFC's schedule--to close out the weekend, and best of all is that we don't have to worry about any of them, with Liverpool's work done. That's an okay thing, yeah?

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