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Pre-Aston Villa Overnight Open Thread

Five questions to pass the time as we wait for kickoff from Villa Park.

Phil in curlier, more innocent times.
Phil in curlier, more innocent times.
Laurence Griffiths

1) Aston Villa are the team against which Steven Gerrard has scored the most goals. Does he get on the score sheet today?

2) Which four players are up front for Liverpool?

3) Does Martin Skrtel manage to make the bench this week, or does Andrew Wisdom continue his steady encroachment on the starting line-up?

4) Best strategy for containing the Christian Benteke threat?

5) Because we were all so wrong last week: Hendo over Allen or Allen over Hendo?

Bonus: Does Willian make a surprise move and show up with a thermos of mate to join Suarez and Delfina in the stands?

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