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Wednesday Open Thread: Fenerbache Host Arsenal, Aston Villa Travel to Chelsea

Champions League qualifiers--including Arsenal at Fenerbache--and Aston Villa's trip to Chelsea are on tap this afternoon.

Jamie McDonald

One day we'll look prepared when it comes to talking about things other than Liverpool, but for now you'll have to settle for last-minute dashes to get something up for us to acknowledge that other teams do stuff too. We might not like it, and in the case of the Champions League qualifiers it's something we might be envious of, but it's probably worth watching nonetheless.

Today promises a good bit of watchable football, with Aston Villa taking on Chelsea in the Premier League, and Fenerbache--Dirk Kuyt and Raul Meireles both start for the Turkish side--hosting Arsenal in the first leg of their increasingly confusing Champions League tie. Someone will win, but that side might not actually be the winner, because the loser could end up being the winner. Cue discussion about UEFA being really competent and above-board on everything and stuff.

So let's try to at least enjoy, and maybe pick up a scouting report or two on Liverpool's Saturday opponents. And, you know, marvel over Dirk Kuyt's workrate and Raul Meireles' beard. That's sort of mandatory.

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