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Henderson: Mignolet is "Brilliant" x 4

Having learned from his manager that you should always do things to at least 150% of your ability, Jordan Henderson joined the chorus of teammates speaking in glowing terms about new boy Simon Mignolet.

This might be my new default "TEAM!" photo for the season. We'll see how it goes.
This might be my new default "TEAM!" photo for the season. We'll see how it goes.
Clive Brunskill

Jordan Henderson was somewhat of a surprise start against Stoke on the weekend. Many had predicted ahead of the match that Joe Allen would get the nod at midfield, with Henderson seeing 20-30 minutes from the bench in the second half. The new dad's impressive display against the Potters proved manager Brendan Rodgers correct on the day, though, and Henderson was quick to remind everyone that he's got a fight in him worthy of the starting lineup.

"It is always nice to play, I am sure that is the same for everyone," Henderson was quoted in the Belfast Telegraph. "But we are a squad and there will be times when other people come in and I have to keep fighting for my place and hopefully stay in the team.

"The most important thing in your first game of the season at home is to win the game and that is what we got. We had a lot of chances and we should probably have put it to bed a lot earlier but it wasn't to be and the most important thing was to win the game."

It's your standard boilerplate player interview that isn't necessarily insightful on any level, but at least speaks to Henderson's ability to say the right thing at the right time. Professional maturity is something that is hard to teach, and as a player who was considered for the club's vice captaincy, Henderson struck the same fine balance between critical and positive that's typical of his captain.

One teammate relationship of Henderson's that hasn't had much of a spotlight shone on it yet is that of him and man of the hour Simon Mignolet. The two were teammates at Sunderland prior to Henderson's transfer from Wearside to Merseyside, and Henderson borrowed one of Brendan Rodgers' favourite words to enthusiastically illustrate the contributions the Belgian can make both now and in the future.

"I thought Simon was brilliant with two brilliant saves at the penalty and the follow-up after that," said Henderson. "That was magnificent. He was brilliant at Sunderland when I was there and he has been brilliant since he came into the club and he will get stronger and stronger and he will be fantastic for Liverpool."

So no pressure then, Simon, old chap.

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