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The Week in Comments: "Noel 's back, downing is out, top 4 here we come!!"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Good work this week, everyone! High fives all around!
Good work this week, everyone! High fives all around!
Clive Brunskill

Suarez, Shakespeare And Starting Over

latortillablanca: I give zero facks about luis suarez at this point, but for yer own sake, son, fire yer agent!

Downing Seals West Ham Move

flashred: Noel 's back, downing is out
top 4 here we come!!

Luis Suarez is NOT Leaving Liverpool. For Now.

GerrardsBoxingCoach on the subject of "lenient recs": I have a very Summer-of-Love attitude to recs. They’re fun to get, they’re fun to give, and what’s it really cost you if you take the necessary precautions?
Luis Suarez Dentist: can it really be coincidence
That the day after Downing leaves Liverpool we start to hear stories about Suarez wanting to stay?

This Is Not An Article About Luis Suarez

Nebhamoo: What we do have is enough to be pleased about, and undoubtedly more players will be brought in and a few more may be let go, but what we have at our disposal at the moment is truly 100% better than what we had just a year ago.

So fellow optimists, lets enjoy the ride, because for the first time in a long time, we actually have something special brewing, lets not waste this feeling.

R2D_2: I’d absolutely love a job where not biting anyone or exhibiting indecent behaviour gets me a performance bonus. Dream job right there!

Reports Suggest Liverpool's Siqueira Bid Rejected

legendarywalton: This is a brutal transfer market.
On the back of a brand new TV money deal, I fully expected spending sprees for the top 6-8 teams in the premier league. So far only City and Spurs have done anything of note. I fully believe that EPL teams are being held hostage because the teams they’re negotiating with know that there’s more money to be spent. It has artificially inflated the market, and it’s going to take a lot of deadline day deals to apply enough pressure to reset the market. I expect a busy day September 2nd.

Skrtel Determined to Stay and Fight

Coutinho's English Tutor: I still think Skrtel has it in him to be the Defender we all know he can be
Yes he has lost all confidence under Brenden Rodgers. Maybe we should start (as fans) pushing to see him on the pitch more. Maybe all he needs is 2-3 regular season games to get some of the mojo back. Apart from his bad couple starts at the beginning of the campaign last year (and one awful game against Southampton), he hasn’t been given a proper run out paired next to Agger. Hes only had a few minutes with Coates (and other out of form reserves) in the League and Capital One Cup games, which plainly is not a situation in which he has a great chance to succeed.

I think if he has shown this much loyalty to LFC and to fighting for his spot we should rally around that type of attitude and help him put his best foot forward (at least until he has thoroughly let us down by allowing some bone-head goals). I just wish he would get a chance to get out of Brendo’s Dog House.

Henderson Can Be The Daddy

latortillablanca: if i was on an airplane and we lost pressure in the cabin, and the oxygen masks fell down, my first reaction would be to run up and down the aisles, making sure jordan henderson wasn’t on the plane and in need of assistance to get his mask on, just to be on the safe side, and to have the opportunity to maybe accidentally-on-purpose brush his mouth area with my hand.

Liverpool Agree Aly Cissokho Loan Deal

Luis Suarez Dentist: Left backs exist?
We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious left back.
So bright… so beautiful… ah, Precious left back.
It came to me, my own, my love… my… precioussss left back.

What has boots, but we never sees,
At other clubs it’s as if they grow on trees,
Never comes but always goes
Signing them is oh so slow
Precious leftback!

Luis Suarez Joins Full Squad Training Again

Phoenix Tears: Hahaha, Arsenal..
Bringing the Twitter celebrations to TLO, Rec this if you’ve spent more than Arsenal this summer.

Everything's The Worst: Weekly Wrapup Edition

nihil in moderato: Liverpool: 4th
Man U: not champions
Everton: below us
everything else: who cares

Ed, in a comment that now has 66 recs: And there's this. Behold.
janeytee: That’s what winning teams do right? We grind out wins on days that opposing goalies are Man of the Match, on days where we hit the goal post a gazillion times, on days where we have a penalty against us, on days where we are living life on the edge with just one goal.

It might not be enough to carry us through the season, we need to score more especially when we are only 1 nil up but this is such a good positive.

winds: This whole week just felt like everyone at the club proved themselves to be worthy of being at and representing Liverpool Football Club. Everyone just seems to be like little puzzle pieces fallin’ into place that just fits like a glove, doubts that existed before feel vanquished.

Is this positivity I feel?

It’s just one game but it’s quite possibly the one game that sets the tone for how the season pans out. YNWA


1) All the de-lurkers this week, of which there were many and whose contributions were great. Welcome!

2) All of the really great, substantial, multi-paragraph offerings that were too long to list in a post like this but that really added a whole other dimension to the discussions this week.

3) Luis Suarez Dentist is a whole new person and everyone is confused.

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