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Slightly Tardy Saturday Open Thread

Liverpool won the first match of the Premier League season over Stoke City, and there's plenty more to discuss as the day's action continues. Join us!

Clive Mason

We'll try to make this a regular thing if there's interest, but given the amount of discussion in the Stoke City reaction thread--mostly about Aston Villa at Arsenal--we might as well break things off into another thread. Liverpool's win over Stoke at Anfield will be recapped in all its glory soon enough, so for now feel free to discuss the goings-on around England and the continent. Things are happening, like it or not. Unless it's Arsenal down to ten men at the Emirates against Villa and losing 3-1, then you should just like that unequivocally.

I'm just throwing this together quick today, so excuse any omissions, and in the future we can get some sort of formal template going for the matches of interest. I know there's plenty of folks who follow squads outside of England as well, and if you want to provide a heads-up about matches in other leagues that are worth discussing please feel free. Otherwise, have at it.

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