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Rodgers: Stop Worrying! Help is On the Way!

In the midst of much hand-wringing over a lack of marquee signings, Brendan Rodgers assured fans that more reinforcements are on their way.

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Rodgers does his best impersonation of John Lennon on the cover of Help!
Rodgers does his best impersonation of John Lennon on the cover of Help!
Matthew Lewis

If you're inclined towards negativity and theatrics — and who amongst us isn't — this is the perfect point in pre-season to truly shine. Four days out from what's sure to be a delightful marquee match against the fine upstanding gentlemen of Stoke City, Liverpool are still embroiled in the Luis Suarez transfer saga, still haven't signed the player of the transfer window, and still haven't actually spent any money between players coming in and players going out. Now, more than ever, is the time to PANIC AND FREAK OUT.

It might be surprising to learn that as fans we don't actually know every last thing going down at the club, even with the sheer volume of media leaks, internet rumours, and agent shenanigans that feed our very existence. It's certainly felt like there's been little action on the transfer front since the window officially opened, and many of the players previously linked to the club are now cooling their interest if they haven't already signed for another club. When you're powerless to do anything about any of this anyway, the club's apparent inaction only serves to make us feel even more distraught.

"There's a lot of work going on behind the scenes," Brendan Rodgers reassured the masses. "Obviously it's not easy. We have seen that from other clubs' experiences as well. But I'm confident we will add to the team. I don't think there is any doubt that we need that.

"The players that we've brought in have added great depth and support to the team, but I think for us now, that little bit of quality could really set us up for an exciting season. Everyone at the club, the recruitment team, the board and ourselves, we are all working hard to make that happen, and hopefully we can.

"There's money there available to get in the right types of players, but we don't want to panic and just bring in anyone. It has to be someone who can come in and improve the team."

Rodgers has been singing the "right types of players" tune for some time now, and if the pending departure of one of the last Dalglish era signings has shown anything it's that players who are a poor fit or a panic buy are not a prudent investment for the club to make. Net spending may be close to zero and the wage bill might be significantly reduced, but that extra flexibility in the budget needs to be used wisely, not rashly.

There are just under three weeks left before the transfer window shuts, and so many anxiety-ridden questions to be answered. Will Steven Gerrard's groin live to play 35 matches this season? Will Daniel Agger have any blank spots on his skin by the end of the season? Will Lucas be reunited with his incredible pre-injury form? And Luis Suarez, will he ever play for Liverpool again? Stop worrying! Help is on the way!

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