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Liverpool Third Shirt Released

Warrior unveil Liverpool's third shirt for the 2013-2014 season, a purple, black, and white combination with an exciting design and oh god they're better than the away shirt but so is syphilis.

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Laurence Griffiths

On the spectrum of last season's home shirt to this season's away shirt or the boot design with "gloryhole" technology to help you out of "sticky situations," you'd have to say Liverpool's recently-unveiled third shirt--which won't be worn much given the lack of European football--falls somewhere just below the halfway line. Warrior clearly revel in over the top everythings, and they've achieved their aim here, with different colored sleeves and a hashtag-esque design on the lower torso. Also the socks have different colors on them in an homage to your grandfather.

The goalkeeper shirt is relatively similar to the one from this season and thus isn't too bad, but the kit for the outfield players is another miss on the whole. The supposed inspiration is the 1995-1996 away shirts, which at that point were green and white and also sort of nauseating. They at least had the excuse of being stuck in an atrocious decade for fashion, whereas Warrior's only trying too hard to be noticeable just for the sake of being noticeable.

But hey, sponsorship $$$ so whatever--dignity is probably just a myth anyway!

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