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Swansea Reportedly Agree to Fee for Shelvey

Contrary to his fiery demeanour, Jonjo Shelvey's in-the-works transfer seems to be chugging along quietly and without much drama.

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Mike Hewitt

With several clubs trying to punch Jonjo Shelvey's dance card, it appears that Swansea have won the race to sign the suddenly popular midfielder from Liverpool for a fee of £6 million. The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Echo, and the venerable Beeb herself are all reporting that the deal is nearly closed, with the only thing left to settle being Shelvey's personal terms with the Swans.

Liverpool had given a £5-8 million valuation of the player, and so the agreed upon £6 million may seem on the low side, especially given that someone in the accounting department seems to have forgotten to tack on the English Premium Tax that Liverpool seem to always pay but never recoup.

For a player still very much in development, the £4.3 million net profit on Shelvey's transfer fees, in and out, isn't a bad overall profit. The £6 million is a tidy and not insignificant sum for the club's transfer kitty, especially if it means the difference between getting and not getting certain marquee signings.

Trev may have cornered the market on Hamlet, but the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead fans amongst us may also recall "every exit as being an entrance somewhere else." Shelvey may be exiting stage left at Anfield, but if his move provides the first team minutes he hopes to get, he could be stepping out centre stage in Wales.

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