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Another Luis Suarez Interview? Nah, Read These Instead

Reports out of England had Luis Suarez giving his most annoying interview yet, but given the source there's no way we're talking about it. Here's some suggestions to pass the time on a lazy Sunday.

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Dino Panato

The suggestion that Luis Suarez would have recently given an interview in which he either explicitly or coyly discussed an exit from Liverpool is unfortunately unsurprising. He's got the gift of gab since leaving Liverpool in May, and there doesn't appear to be an end date on the horizon. The difference today, though, is that the supposed interview was initially run in a paper that nobody should be reading, ever, and that means we're not reading it either. Do not read or browse or touch. Only exception is if you're tossing it on a fire.

I'll probably spend the day staring at videos of Iago Aspas being awesome and Jordan Henderson doing bicep curls, but there's other good stuff out there to pass the time. Here's a few suggestions, with some home-cooking to top it off.

liverpool blog fc sbn

Don't Buy the Sun and the Hillsborough Justice Campaign Facebook Page

Anfield Road still has the definitive primer on Liverpool's history with the Sun and why it's important--spoiler: they're shit, always have been and always will be--while the HJC have moved most of their updates to their Facebook page. Both are required reading, especially if you're new to the club.

Oh You Beauty Preston Recap

We did our stuff yesterday, which you can find your way to if you're here, but nate's got the best recaps around and kicked things off today with a review of yesterday's 4-0 victory. Good way to revisit an encouraging and (hopefully) table-setting performance.

Luis Alberto v. Preston North End by Mostar

Initially I wasn't blown away by the other Spaniard's performance, but after watching most of the match again, those crowing about his distribution and touch were plenty accurate. I blame the sketchy LFCTV feed for my inability to better acknowledge the quality of his display. Mostar also has compilations of almost everyone else that breathed yesterday, but much to Trev's chagrin, not one of Colin Pascoe's best shorts moments. Soon.

Simon Mignolet Settling In Nicely

The offal's interview with Mignolet is standard fare, but as I mentioned yesterday, it's getting awfully hard to see a world in which he's not Liverpool's number one on August 17th. Maybe it's the delightful purple/pink/chevron goalkeeper kit, maybe it's Reina's absence, or maybe it's just the idea that he's part of a changing Liverpool. Either way, fun to see him in momentary action yesterday, and looking forward to more.

Where Else Should Liverpool Look?

It was a big week for us in our little corner of the internet, as we added Conor and Jake to the writing staff on a regular basis. Conor started off in full with an extended take on targets beyond Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who was apparently someone that Liverpool were trying to buy. Can't find a source for that.

U21 Player Profiles: Part One and Part Two

Jake will be focusing on the youth and academy throughout the season, and after recapping the 2012-2013 seasonearlier in the week, he got us familiar with the names we'll be seeing around the first team and as regulars in Alex Inglethorpe's squad.

Liverpool to March in Pride Parade

Last season saw Liverpool take part in the Pride Parade for the first time, and this year--August 3rd--they'll be doing it again. Wonderful news, and an even better take from Elizabeth on why it's important. One of my favorites of the summer.

Forty Years A Growing

As I said, Trev's back tomorrow, and this birthday post from him was one of his best. I'm hopeful that in his next piece we get at least two tangetially-related allusions to 19th-century British literature and a joke about Graeme Souness, but I'll settle for a crack about Raheem Sterling's hair, which is now a staff requirement for every post that gets published.

liverpool blog fc sbn

Hope you all enjoy the end of the weekend--only six more days until we get to see Liverpool in action again, and just over a month until they'll do it for real.

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