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Wigan Reportedly Interested in Spearing

Newly relegated Championship side Wigan Athletic are allegedly interested in snapping up midfielder Jay Spearing as it becomes increasingly clear that the player is not in Brendan Rodgers' long term plans.

Michael Steele

Like most everything else in the universe, the transfer window obeys Newton's Third Law of Motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. A club can bring in as many new players as it wishes, but at the end of the day there are only twenty-five roster spots (plus U21 players) and the departure of existing players is necessary to offset the new arrivals.

One departure that is assumed to be a matter of when and not if is that of Jay Spearing, who never quite found his way into the first team. Notable for a level of talent that never quite lived up to the player's passion for the club, the midfielder had a successful loan spell at Bolton Wanderers last season but his host club chose not to take him on permanently at the end of the season.

The challenge with moving a player on who is clearly not in the club's plans is that he needs somewhere to go, and with Bolton only being interested in taking Spearing on for a second loan spell, Liverpool must look elsewhere for potential suitors. The Daily Mail (yes, I know) has drummed up a bit of interest from newly minted FA Cup winners Wigan Athletic, who are of course back in the Championship, but so far the only sound coming from other clubs is the deafening sound of crickets.

The transfer window has been open for six entire hours as of this moment, and it would be marginally unreasonable to get bent out of shape at Liverpool not having finalized as many outgoing players as they have incoming ones. Still, with view to finishing up business earlier rather than later, it would be nice for both Spearing and the club if his future was sorted quickly. Hopefully, the £3m valuation allegedly placed on the player will not be too huge a stumbling block for the less moneyed clubs that are likely to be Spearing's final destination.

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