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Performance of the Season: Daniel Sturridge v. Chelsea

Philippe Coutinho dazzled against Newcastle, but few performances this season were as dominant as Daniel Sturridge's appearance against his former club at Anfield.

Michael Regan

More often than not, watching a player face his former club produces a handful of memorable moments, and while Liverpool's 2-2 draw with Chelsea at Anfield ended up as Bitegate or some other similarly stupid moniker, Daniel Sturridge's display against the team he'd left in January delivered. He had already scored a lovely goal against one former club earlier in the season, but this performance was shot out of a cannon, dominating in a manner that we simply hadn't seen--from anyone--all season.

Within moments of coming on he played in Steven Gerrard and hit the post with well-struck effort from distance, and in the 52nd minute he finished off a lovely goalscoring move, tapping in past Petr Cech after Luis Suarez curled an inch-perfect ball over the top from Stewart Downing's knockdown. It was a breathless cameo from the January signing, one that was swept completely under the rug by the stupidity of Suarez and the histrionics of nearly everyone else.

The only downside comes not from the performance itself but the fact that we can't and don't see this type of form from Sturridge on a more consistent basis. It might be unrealistic to expect, but there was something different about him on that day--whether it was the point to prove against a former club, the fact that it was "better" opposition, or the amphetamines someone slipped into his Lucozade, Daniel Sturridge was completely utterly unstoppable against Chelsea, turning in a performance that was among the most dominant of the season.

Video by MrBoyWunder

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