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Liverpool & Sevilla Agree to Fee for Luis Alberto

Building on Liverpool's mission to get their signings done early, the club have agreed to a fee for midfielder Luis Alberto.

Pay no attention to the man in the foreground.
Pay no attention to the man in the foreground.
Denis Doyle

After reportedly agreeing to personal terms with Liverpool earlier in the week, Luis Alberto looks set to make his move to Merseyside now that Liverpool and Sevilla have come to an agreement on a fee.

Estadio Deportivo report that Liverpool are set to pay €8 million for the player after Barcelona B passed on their right to purchase the player after he'd spent the season on loan there. The length of his contract is still to be confirmed at either four or five years. The player is set to make his move some time next week after signing his contract and going through the rite of passage that is the Liverpool medical.

Alberto joins the glut of young midfielders Liverpool are stockpiling in preparation for the footy apocalypse. Google Translate fails me for details beyond this, as I suspect "two kilos in concept variables" has more meaning in Spanish than in English.

Somewhere at Melwood, Dr. Zaf Iqbal is polishing his stethoscope. Welcome to Liverpool FC, Luis!

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