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Season Review: Suarez's Free Kick Genius

We revisit Luis Suarez's impressive tally of goals from direct free kicks, where across all competitions one in six of the striker's goals were from dead ball situations.

It may be hard to see Suarez, but if that's a goal from a free kick you know he's there somewhere.
It may be hard to see Suarez, but if that's a goal from a free kick you know he's there somewhere.
Alex Livesey

In a season that featured the best form of his Liverpool career to date, Luis Suarez decided to up the ante just for fun by becoming a master clinician in dead ball situations. It was not enough for him to strike fear into the hearts of defenders across the league who are unable to predict his every twist and turn from open play. No, through a combination of practice, practice, practice, and intense video study of Premier League goalkeepers, Suarez found a way to make the lives of opposition players even more miserable by rendering moot their attempts to defend from set plays.

It was glorious.

August 26, 2012 vs Manchester City (Premier League)
As if to set the tone for the rest of what he'd accomplish in 2012-13, Suarez's first goal of the season was this screamer against City at the Anfield home opener.

Video by Alan S

October 4, 2012 vs Udinese (Europa League)
Liverpool took the lead after twenty-three minutes thanks to a Jonjo Shelvey goal, but Udinese tied the game back up immediately upon the second half restart, and added two more goals in the 70th and 72nd minutes. Things looked dire with the Italians winning 3-1, but Suarez quickly answered back with his goal three minutes later and for a few moments at least it felt like Liverpool could come back for at least a draw. (They did not.)

Video by Zaky Musamma

February 21, 2013 vs Zenit St Petersburg x 2 (Europa League)
Arguably one of the best matches of the season despite the fact that Liverpool ended up losing on aggregate, the second leg of the Europa League Round of 32 knock-out was a fantastic example of Suarez being completely on his game and motivated by an unrivaled desire to win. Featuring not one but two goals from free kicks, Suarez's performance on the pitch was so phenomenal that the crushing sense of defeat in his body language after the final whistle was painful and palpable to anyone watching.

Video by LeaguesHighlightsHD

March 2, 2013 vs Wigan Athletic (Premier League)
Not content to be defined by the greatness achieved in the previous match against Zenit, Suarez decided to one up himself by scoring a hat trick against Wigan that featured — you guessed it — a goal from a free kick as the second of his three goals. Because of course.

Video by seagullegg (apologies for the poor quality)

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