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Suso Happy at Liverpool Despite Offers From Other Clubs

Happy with the way his debut season went, Suso hopes to continue at Liverpool despite receiving opportunities to test the waters elsewhere.

One of the offers he received is more hugs from Hendo.
One of the offers he received is more hugs from Hendo.
Harold Cunningham

There exists a small glut of players in Liverpool's squad who are in varying degrees of limbo due to a combined lack of age and experience. Having not yet carved out a place for themselves in Brendan Rodgers's starting eleven — or even the full eighteen if we generously include the bench — there remains a constant nagging question of how best to manage their next stage of development.

Last week Ed asked the question of what to do with Jonjo Shelvey, and his slightly younger teammate Suso finds himself in the same boat, a.k.a. the SS Needs Regular First Team Minutes. Despite only making fourteen Premier League appearances last year, Suso told Marca that he's enthusiastic about how his season went.

"This year for me has been beyond fantastic," said the Spaniard. "At Liverpool this season has been great and I'm very happy. Next year I'll probably stay at Liverpool. I know there are quite a few offers but I will not go. I'm happy at Liverpool."

It's a quick little sound bite, but it packs a lot of discussion points into a short few sentences. It would be hard for any player who made his senior debut to not feel happy about how his season went, but there was a level of disappointment from fans that the player was not allowed to go on loan when it became clear he'd benefit from regular first team action somewhere else. There were rumours he was to temporarily join Wigan as they struggled with a relegation battle, but — depending on which version of the rumours you believe — either he was uninterested in joining the club or Rodgers refused to let the player leave, and the loan opportunity fizzled out before it ever got started.

That Suso has received mysterious transfer offers is a new development, and for a player struggling to find meaningful minutes — Suso only played a full ninety once in all competitions — offers from other clubs might be hard to resist. His dedication to staying on Merseyside is lovely and he's still far too young and untested to consider permanently shipping him off to another club, but interest from other clubs will be hard to stave off long term without Suso improving his lot in life at Anfield.

With reinforcements coming in each transfer window and no European football on which to cut their teeth next season, players who filled out a threadbare squad across four competitions last year will see fewer minutes. At this point in his development, pushing Suso further to the fringes of the first team won't help him nor the team in the long run, and the sooner he agrees to a loan somewhere that can guarantee him the minutes he needs to prepare him for first team action at Liverpool, the better.

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