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Gerrard Surgery Could Be Pushed Forward

With nothing but pride left to play for and the player in pain, there is serious consideration being given to pushing Steven Gerrard's shoulder surgery up such that the player's season may have ended against Everton.

Alex Livesey

Steven Gerrard had been expected to undergo keyhole surgery on his shoulder at the end of the season, keeping him out of action for six to eight weeks and allowing him plenty of time to get back in action before the end pre-season. However, that surgery may now be pushed up, meaning he would miss the final two games of the season against Fulham and QPR.

Having had his shoulder grow increasingly painful in recent weeks and with the player seeing Everton as the last meaningful game of the season. Liverpool are drifting towards a seventh place finish, five points behind Everton and seven ahead of West Bromwich Albion, leaving nothing but pride to play for over the final two matches before 2012-13 runs out.

Further, were he to undergo surgery two weeks earlier it would also likely mean Gerrard would be ready to play again at or at least near to the start of pre-season. All together, then, it's easy to understand why the club and player are now giving serious thought to cutting his season short—and with Gerrard hurting and the season functionally finished, it's hard to argue with.

Whenever Gerrard undergoes surgery, and whenever he makes it back to full fitness, he is expected to extend his current contract over the summer. At present, he's signed up through next season, and at one time it seemed his current deal might be his last. Instead, a revival of form and fitness under Brendan Rodgers has left him convinced he has a few more years at the top of his game.

"Talks have started but I think it is something that will get sorted at the end of the season," was Gerrard's take on the matter last week as he prepared for the derby. "It's not a stand-off or anything like that. They want me to extend, I want to extend, it's just a matter of time, really. How long for I'm not too sure yet. That's under discussion at the moment. But it will get sorted one way or another in the summer."

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