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Rumour Mongering: Bank Holiday Edition

This transfer speculation is brought to you buy the letter P for Panic and the number £20 million.

"Dave, I think the No. 7 shirt is already taken at Liverpool."
"Dave, I think the No. 7 shirt is already taken at Liverpool."
David Ramos

Yesterday was the English bank holiday in honour of May Day, which the world conspired to celebrate by not providing much in the way of Liverpool news to talk about. Conveniently, "may day" is also an expression the more dramatic and pessimistic amongst us might be familiar with, and wild transfer speculation represents the very best of that which can cause us to go careening overboard into the sea of despair.

David Villa - Barcelona
Back at the top of the list of rumoured Anfield arrivals is the Spanish striker, who Liverpool allegedly failed to secure on loan in January. Villa's age and likely price point seem an ill fit for youth-focused Liverpool, even as an attempt to shore up an offensive line in Luis Suarez's temporary absence, but it's possible he's being looked at with a view to helping Jose Enrique with his hair.

Douglas - FC Twente
Currently plying his trade in the Eredivisie, the improbably named Douglas has hopped on the carousel of centre-backs circulating through Jamie Carragher's soon to be vacant position in the line-up. The Brazilian is out of contract at the end of the season, which makes the potential of a free transfer extra palatable given Liverpool's limited transfer budget.

José Manuel Casado - Rayo Vallecano
Like Douglas, the left back is also out of contract at the end of the season. The twenty-six year-old could provide some much needed depth at a position that Liverpool currently lacks in terms of senior players, while also helping to restore the Spanish quotient on Merseyside to its former glory.

Loic Remy - QPR
The circling of vultures around relegated teams has begun and both Liverpool and Arsenal are hoping to pick off Remy from the doomed London club. Both clubs are allegedly looking to activate the goal-scorer's £5 or £8 million (depending on who you ask) release clause to secure the transfer.

Gonzalo Higuain - Real Madrid
First rumoured to be out of sorts at Real Madrid and potentially on his way to Liverpool two years ago, Higuain and an armada of cash are allegedly on their way to Liverpool in return for procuring the services of one Luis Suarez. Numerous big continental clubs have already thrown their hats in the ring for Suarez, but Madrid's interest seems to be the only one offering a transfer in the opposite direction rather than just a hopefully criminally hefty fee.

On a scale of One to Not Happening, most of these probably skew closer to the latter option, but we've been both burned and surprised before. There is cautious optimism that Brendan Rodgers can string together back-to-back transfer windows based on the shrewd business deals of January; time will tell if any of the above gentleman are part of that business.

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