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Watch: A Steven Gerrard Appreciation

On the skipper's birthday, a chance to enjoy some finely crafted video work as well as the better moments of the captain's long and distinguished career.

Michael Regan

Every so often (read: when there's not a lot happening) we try to take a step back and enjoy some of the excellent work being done by editors in the Liverpool community; we don't do it nearly as often as we should, as the video editing is typically of a high quality and manages to link together important themes, players, and sentiments. The skipper's birthday seems a fitting occasion--after a couple of seasons hampered by injury and a very poor start to the most recent campaign, Steven Gerrard once again emerged as one of the more influential players in his Liverpool side.

What'll be interesting to watch is how Brendan Rodgers handles his captain over the next season or two, with a collection of younger midfielders waiting in the wings and Gerrard increasingly in need of being handled with kid gloves. I don't know that it got in the way too much this season, especially with a rotating cast of underperforming characters until Jordan Henderson rose to the top of the heap, but it's going to be hard to continue to defend giving him minutes just for the sake of giving him minutes.

That's a discussion for a day much further in the future, however, so for now we can celebrate Steven Gerrard's birthday in wonderfully nostalgic fashion.

Video by @Ste_Halliwell11

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