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The Week in Outrage: Alex Pearce, Away Shirts, and Opting Out of the Europa League

It's difficult stuff, being a Liverpool supporter, and this week provided a few bits of news that aroused plenty of anger whether or not it's something that existed in reality.

Gareth Copley

With nothing doing during the week for the remainder of the season, there's little left to do on the days in between matches. Except being outraged by everything, a pastime in which supporters of all allegiances can engage. Liverpool's lot are particularly talented at taking umbrage with most everything that happens, so it's at least worth taking a look at what's made the hairs on our knuckles quiver with rage this week:

Alex Pearce's Summer Move to Anfield

By no means should this be considered a slight, mostly because my awareness of things happening away from Liverpool is mediocre at best, but early this week we were introduced to the idea that Brendan Rodgers would be bringing Alex Pearce to Anfield this summer on a free transfer. In many circumstances this would be cause for open rebellion--and, judging by Twitter's reaction, it basically was--except for the small fact that I had no idea who Alex Pearce was and why he would be playing for Liverpool other than Rodgers knows him and his contract's up.

The idea that bringing anyone to Liverpool is a sign of standards slipping is a bit dramatic (unless said person is Roy Hodgson or Paul Konchesky), and in this case it seem to end up as nothing but histrionics, with the club denying any sort of link whatsoever. Don't let that get in the way, though, because...something.

Appropriate level of outrage: Philippe Coutinho holding a puppy.

Liverpool's Away Shirt for Next Season

"So he says, 'do you love me?' and she says, 'no, but that's a real nice ski mask!'" And, as it turns out, a decent enough sweater to inspire Liverpool's rumored/expected away shirt for the 2013-2014 season. I haven't seen a single positive reaction to these other than noting that it probably won't try to murder you as you wear it. That's probably about as a good as it gets, because there's not really any defensible reason to have produced something that looks like it should be hanging on the wall of your dad's study. Unless the designer's dad is way into Native American history and Liverpool, in which case it's really just a perfect fit.

Appropriate level of outrage: Charlie Adam's penalty in the League Cup final.

Brendan Rodgers Sacrificing Europe for ££££££££$$$$$$etc.etc.

On Wednesday the Daily Mail ran a story that had Liverpool set to reject a chance at entering the Europa League early in the qualifying stages through Fair Play, with the focus instead squarely on the preseason matches the club had set up in Indonesia and Australia. They even had quotes from Brendan Rodgers to back up the story, leading to face-melting panic about a manager that would rather line his pockets with sweet, sweet rupiah and provide his new defender Alex Pearce with a personal tour of the greater Melbourne area.

Only the quotes were from three weeks ago and there's really nothing new to report. And, if there is, it's not likely going to be the Daily Mail that's doing it. I suppose the broader point is concerning to a degree, but there's also a decent amount of sense made in the point that Liverpool might not want to play 28 matches before the Premier League season gets going in August.

Appropriate level of outrage: Watching Jose Enrique line up a shot from outside the area.

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What will we be outraged about next week? Who knows, but odds are it'll only take a day or two to find out.

liverpool blog fc sbn

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