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Win One for the Vice-Skipper

With Jamie Carragher's last derby match coming up on the weekend, captain Steven Gerrard wants to send the veteran defender out with a victory.

Paul Gilham

Jamie Carragher has three games left in his Liverpool career. In a little over three days that number will drop to two. It's an emotional time for fans of the club, many who have spent a significant portion of their life watching the 17-year veteran ply his trade in Liverpool's defence.

For the Carragher as well as friend and captain Steven Gerrard, it's even more so. And as the pair prepare for what will be Carragher's final derby match on Sunday afternoon, Gerrard is determined to send the boy from Bootle out with a victory.

"Being a local lad, we feel the passion in the city," said Gerrard. "Jamie will be playing at the weekend, I think he'll be one of the first on the teamsheet because he has been brilliant since he has come back into the team.

"We're hoping to get a nice derby victory for Carra to remember because he'll always remember his last derby. I'm going to miss him more than anyone. I'm close to Jamie on and off the pitch, so it's a bit of an emotional time."

In three games, Jamie Carragher football player will be replaced by Jamie Carragher Sky Sports pundit, but before trundling off to the old football players' retirement home to argue set-piece marking with Gary Neville there's at least one more match that really, really matters.

Away to Fulham before Anfield play host to QPR on the final weekend of the season are still to follow Sunday's derby match. But for Carragher, Gerrard, and many of those watching in the stands and at home, no matter the outcome it will be Everton that will be remembered when they think back to the final days of Jamie Carragher's career.

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