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Pre-QPR Overnight Open Thread

One ominpresent question to pass the time as we wait for kickoff from Anfield.

Chris Brunskill

Dreaming of a team of Carraghers is wonderful for the lyricism and romance and terrible for every possible idea that could be put into practice. All grit and toughness and heart and etc., it's a terrific idea if you don't care about what's happening in reality or if you're not really bothered at watching your side fail to string together a couple of passes before they lump it downfield to do it all over again.

The determination's one thing; Liverpool's sides over the past few seasons certainly could have benefited from a collective approach in the Jamie Carragher mold, and there aren't many who'll be able to replace the veteran defender when it comes to commitment or love for the shirt.

Unfortunately things like first touch and finishing and pace matter too, so on tap for discussion tonight is who you'd actually tolerate seeing a team of.

Easy answer for me is Steven Gerrard at his prime--there's plenty that think he would (and still could) be a very serviceable fullback, and he's got the height and length to avoid being overwhelmed in goal or central defense. Midfield needs no explanation, even through the wide areas, and at various times throughout his career he's operated in a role very closely to that of a second striker. Jonjo Shelvey was Brendan Rodgers' choice to fill in during the fall with Luis Suarez out and no other options available, but I'm guessing Gerrard could have done just as good a job, if not better, leading the attack.

Who'd be yours?

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