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Carragher to Take Penalty in Final Match: "No Chance"

His first day jitters may be long behind him, but even after over 700 matches Jamie Carragher still isn't immune to a little nervousness now and again.

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Despite the thousands of photos available to us, we're seriously starting to run out of pictures of Carra.
Despite the thousands of photos available to us, we're seriously starting to run out of pictures of Carra.
Laurence Griffiths

With just over twenty-four hours to go until Jamie Carragher's final match as a player, the defender's remaining interview sound bites dominate the Liverpool news cycle. Carra's final thoughts as he looks back over his career have been thoughtful and funny, but despite his readiness to embark on a new chapter in his life, he still seems able to muster the same kind of terror at the potential for screwing up during his last match as he might have experienced during his debut.

"Before the Fulham game someone texted me and said, 'don't get sent off'," Carragher revealed. "I thought, imagine if you end up missing your last game through being suspended so I had a word with Mark Halsey before kick-off. I just said, ‘If I'm misbehaving get them to bring me off'. He said, 'Don't handball it on the line or do a professional foul and you’ll be all right'."

While missing your final match due to suspension might just rival getting sent off in the middle of your final match, Carragher is also unequivocal when it comes to what he might do if presented with the rather poetic opportunity to take a penalty on Sunday.

"No chance. I wouldn't take it," Carragher said. "Imagine missing that and going for a pint after the game and they'd say you missed a penalty in your last game? I'm not really big for that. I'm not the type of person who likes the attention. I just don't want it to overshadow the game. I just want this to go well and if it doesn't it'll annoy me."

The nausea-suppressing feeling of being a young kid breaking into the first team may be gone, but the need to just get through a match without incident is clearly alive and well. Don't mistake Carra for someone who is worried about tarnishing a legacy with an ill-taken penalty, though; how he hopes to be remembered is much more characteristically modest.

"As someone who was always there and gave his all," said Carragher. "Home and away, come hail, rain or shine."

Stock up on tissues, friends, because some floodgates are about to open.

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