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Rodgers: "Stability is Key for Us Now"

Constant turnover on and off the pitch over the past three seasons has created a turbulent atmosphere around the club, but Brendan Rodgers is now looking forward a period of stability and cohesion as the 2012-2013 wraps up.

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Mike Hewitt

The most consistent aspect of Liverpool's existence over the past three years has been disappointment, infighting, and posturing amongst supporters, and while there's something to be said for each of those things in the proper context--especially trying to make other people look foolish--it'd be nice if the club were once again known for actually doing well as a football club and not as everyone's favorite punchline.

Much of the blame can and should be attributed to the amount of turnover and turbulence the club have experienced (or self-inflicted), with a staggering number of changes for the club at the managerial post and continued backroom unrest to go along with a set of playing personnel that's either been not deep enough, not healthy enough, or, just simply not good enough.

So to hear Brendan Rodgers talk about stability throughout the club is music to my ears, particularly ahead of a summer that many have earmarked as being absolutely pivotal in the club's ambitions heading into next season:

"It's a different club - there's a lot more cohesion within all departments of the club. There was a big change going on across the board here last season in terms of managerial changes, coaching changes, administration and recruitment.

"There was a lot going on - lots of players going out, some coming in. The word stability is key for us now - it really sets us up for the summer to hopefully have a good window. We really have to make sure we're getting the right types of players in and if we can do that, I believe that we can kick on again. As a start point, it's much better."

There's not really much argument to be made with any of what he offers here, as the club do seem, at least from the outside looking in, to be on the same page and headed in the same direction. Some might argue that the direction isn't positive enough, but there's nothing to indicate that the ambition or motivation has slipped at all. Liverpool haven't been in a spot to succeed over the past few seasons, and this year will hopefully prove to be the one during which they found their footing and once again prepared to launch upward.

Time will tell if that's indeed the case, but for now there's no reason for changes other than in the squad; more depth and quality is needed in that regard, but elsewhere the last thing that's needed is another self-inflicted crisis or period of unsettling. Let's at least see how this next season--one in which Liverpool can look back at their foundation and know that it's solid--pans out before calling for wholesale changes yet again.

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