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Ivanovic: "I Forgive Him"

With Branislav Ivanovic having now forgiven Luis Suarez for his moment of madness two weeks ago, it's probably time for everybody to move on. At least until the striker does something else controversial.

Michael Regan

Whether or not Luis Suarez sticks in England after his latest controversy remains an open question, but at least if he does those watching will be spared spending the week leading to Liverpool and Chelsea's next meeting listening to talking heads ask if he and Branislav Ivanovic will play nice and shake hands. You know, for the sake of the children.

Immediately following the incident the reports were conflicting. Ivanovic and Suarez had traded shirts in the tunnel following the match and put it behind them. Or they hadn't and Ivanovic further refused any conciliatory attempts in the coming days. Now, though, the defender has set the record straight in Serbian paper Vecernje Novosti.

"When it happened I was really surprised and of course shocked," said Ivanovic of Suarez' attempts to nibble his arm like a hamster on bath salts. "But when the match ended, it all cooled down. I almost forgot about everything.

"The next day we talked on the phone and I accepted his apology. I didn't attack him for what he done but I also didn't defend him. But I forgive him. For me, that can happen."

Right, time for everybody to move on, then. Well, aside from the whole ten-match ban thing that runs well into the start of next season. And aside from the fact Suarez' name was booed at the PFA awards ceremony where he came second to Gareth Bale in player of the year voting.

Not to mention aside from the part where, like it or not, the incident will be mentioned every time Liverpool or Suarez play for at least the rest of 2013. Or at least until he does something else controversial.

But aside from the fact that nobody will, it's probably time for everybody to move on.

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