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Pre-Newcastle Overnight Open Thread

One underappreciated question to pass the time as we wait for kickoff from Anfield.

Jan Kruger

With Brendan Rodgers settling somewhat comfortably into a regular eleven, there hasn't been as much deviation from the settled norm as we'd seen earlier in the year. As we discussed prior to the Chelsea match, the biggest question seemed to be which of Stewart Downing, Daniel Sturridge, or Jordan Henderson got starts, and outside of that there were few unexpected names making an appearance. And with Liverpool limited to only one substitute per match, we inevitably saw whichever player of the aforementioned three missed out.

But with Luis Suarez out for the rest of the season, those three seem to all fit, and there's even a chance--albeit a small one--that someone less utilized in recent weeks could have a bigger role to play. Combined with very little purpose left in the run-in, there's probably about as good a chance as any that some of the familiar faces from the fall get a handful of minutes here and there.

So, of those who haven't made many (or any) starts of late, who do you want to see included and why?

Mine is Suso, mostly because of his unwavering commitment to the aggressive pompadour, but also because we never really saw him get meaningful minutes in an advanced central role. The cameos we did get were competent to excellent, as his vision and distribution gave Liverpool that slice of class in unlocking an opposition defense that has often seemed lacking. He still needs to find a way to cope with the physicality of first-team football and was prone to disappearing, but the promise and, as Brendan Rodgers put it earlier in the season, arrogance on the ball are there in spades.

It's doubtful that he makes a start tomorrow (and probably less so in the derby), but I'm hopeful that he gets increased time on the pitch before the season's out. He still might be in line for a loan ahead of next season if playing time isn't on the immediate horizon at Liverpool, which I'd be more than okay with, but for now it'd just be nice to relish the very promising glimpses he can so capably provide.

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