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Reina: "I'll Be Around at Least Three More Years"

After a difficult stretch early in the season, Pepe Reina's form has started to settle, and on the eve of their visit to Newcastle, the goalkeeper asserted his plans to see out his contract at Liverpool.

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Laurence Griffiths

Liverpool's use of all things social media is typically somewhat annoying, but on rare occasions their Twittstagramterest crossover work gleans bits of insight that we might not otherwise be privy to. That's not necessarily an endorsement to go follow the LFC Dutch Caribbean Twitter account or to start pinning all their pictures of dogs wearing Liverpool shirts--actually, do that always--, but it is worth the occasional glimpse.

On days like today they actually prove less annoying than what we'd usually consider news, and their Twitter conversation with Pepe Reina managed to produce some fun content (his relentless ribbing of Jose Enrique was among the best) to go along with further confirmation of the Spanish goalkeeper's intent to see out his Liverpool contract:

I've got three more years so I'll be around for at least three more years I guess and then it depends on Liverpool. It would be a nice history to be here more than 12 or 13 years, why not?

Early- to mid-season talk of a return to Barcelona has cooled, and while talk of a reunion between Brendan Rodgers and Michel Vorm hasn't, I don't know that there's many who would be continuing to shout about the need to replace a goalkeeper who's begun to find the type of form that once had him among the league's best. He's certainly not there yet, but if this trajectory maintains--and there's no reason to think it can't so long as he remains committed to keeping himself fit--there's really not any sort of discussion to be had.

Liverpool are in desperate need of some good news this week, so while it might feel slightly forced to celebrate in some small way a player's intention to see out his contract, it's at the very least heartening to know that Liverpool's squad includes a healthy contingent who plan to see the club through one of its more tumultuous periods in recent years.

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