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Overnight Open Thread: Favorite Chelsea Moment

One delightfully nostalgic question to pass the time as we wait for kickoff from Anfield.

Laurence Griffiths

Liverpool and Chelsea haven't really been able to avoid each other in important-seeming matches over the past few seasons; Liverpool's failure to return to the Champions League after dropping out in the fall of 2009 has ensured that the nigh-on annual meetings in the knockout stages halted, but there's been a number of matches with either sentimental or actual consequences attached.

And thankfully it seems like there's been more good moments than bad for Liverpool, even if the results haven't amounted to any concrete rewards. So tonight's open thread question asks for your favorite memory from a Liverpool-Chelsea fixture in the past four seasons, including this one.

The first one that came to mind for me was the Raul Meireles winner at Stamford Bridge in 2011--Fernando Torres had just left, Kenny Dalglish was back and on a three-match winning streak, and the club as a whole were looking to redefine themselves in the post-Torres world.

As far as viewing experiences go this one was miserable, with the thought of Torres scoring enough to send me into fits. But Liverpool held on, aided by one of the best Jamie Carragher performances in years and a tactical plan that stifled Chelsea completely, and in the 69th minute Raul Meireles burst forward from the midfield to capitalize on confusion between Petr Cech and Branislav Ivanovic on a Steven Gerrard cross and give Liverpool what would prove to be the winner.

His departure that summer left a bad taste in my mouth, and if I think about it hard enough now I'm still a little rattled by it, but this was most definitely one of my favorite Liverpool-Chelsea moments over the past few years.

Video by xXLFCXxRaBBiT

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