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Carragher Lauds Suarez

As his own impressive career winds down, Jamie Carragher has been in a reflective frame of mind and the legendary defender has opined that Luis Suarez may well be second only to Steven Gerrard on the list of players he has worn the red shirt with.

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Michael Regan

Like a beloved grandfather proudly surveying his family and contemplating the life he has led, our very own elder lemon, Jamie Carragher, could be forgiven for indulging in a bit of sentimental nostalgia. As is his wont, however, the Bootle native prefers to maintain a focus on the current season and the future of Liverpool Football Club.

Central to any discussion of the seasons to come is the fate of the abundantly talented Uruguayan who has led our line with such brio this season. Luis Suarez, however, has not just been impressing fans and talent scouts from Europe's premier clubs. He has also, it would appear, left an indelible imprint on Carragher.

In an interview with, the veteran fielded questions on various topics. One old chestnut brought a revealing response. When discussing who was the best footballer he'd played alongside, his eminently predictable choice was Steven Gerrard, but it was his assessment of who was next on the list that will raise a few eyebrows. Carragher, who has taken to the field with the likes of Sami Hyypia, Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano and Fernando Torres, chose Luis Suarez.

"People always ask me: 'Who is the best player you've played with at Liverpool?' And that would always be Stevie, but the more I play with Luis, the more I'm thinking that he's coming second. The more I see of him, the way he plays and some of the things I've seen him do in training, I really do think we've got one of the best players in the world at Liverpool."

Carragher, a man not overly given to sentiment, is clearly impressed and remains hopeful that Liverpool can retain the striker's services, alongside the talismanic captain, for "two or three years" but he is realistic enough to acknowledge that Suarez "could play for any team in the world."

We have all seen the gravity defying balance possessed by our number seven in possession of the football and there can be little doubt that his ability to wriggle free of defenders must be incredibly frustrating for those rooted in some contorted position as Suarez accelerates away. Spare a thought then, for the players who face him on a daily basis in training, Carragher amongst them.

"I've never seen anyone nutmeg people so often. Honestly, I've never seen anything like it. he must do it three or four times in each training session and it's the same in a game. The amount of times I have seen him on the by-line, putting the ball between someone's legs or stood on the line pulling the ball back. I think you have Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo on one level. Below that there's Andres Iniesta, Luis and players like that. He's definitely in that bracket."

Such hyperbolic language is normally the preserve of tabloid hacks and fanatical supporters, but then Carragher is now a fanatical supporter of Liverpool Football Club, despite his blue roots. Let us hope the sadness most of us will feel, when Jamie Carragher is no longer an option for Brendan Rodgers next season, will be mitigated by the magical form of his two favourite players.

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