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Pre-Reading Overnight Open Thread

One simple question to pass the time as we wait for kickoff from the Madejski.

Laurence Griffiths

We have collectively entered a major depressive episode for one reason or another. Chasing the why of it probably won't produce any cure, but we might as well just acknowledge that the fun things aren't really that fun anymore. Rather than wallow in it, however, I propose corrective action, or at least a step towards it. Tonight's overnight open thread is short and to the point--what's been the most enjoyable moment for you so far this season?

There's time to bitch about Brendan Rodgers' hyperbole after the match, or how Stewart Downing is terrible because you think he's terrible and that's just sort of your thing so you can't ever not keep saying that, or how nothing good is going to happen in the summer transfer window, or how FSG are so incompetent because Moneyball and America and baseball. These are all valid.

But maybe it's time to take a break for a minute or two.

First one that comes to mind for me is easy--Jordan Henderson's goal at Arsenal (2:49 in the video below). The match ended in disappointing fashion, and it wasn't an especially beautiful goal. But it was a wonderful payoff for a player who was starting to make his mark, and a celebration with a wonderful mixture of utter disbelief and disorganized joy was terrific. I was in my office at work jumping up and down, and at least for that moment, following Liverpool was terrific fun.

So go ahead. Nobody's going to think less of you if you take a break from citing statistics or talking about the latest reason for Liverpool's ruin as a club and actually acknowledge that you enjoy this whole supporting thing sometimes too. Promise.

Video by the inimitable kLFCreds

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