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The Word of God

Robbie Fowler has been having his say on the blistering form of Luis Suarez and the inevitable comparisons being made between our Uruguayan number 7 and The Toxteth Terror.

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Paul Kane

Those of us decrepit enough to have been following Liverpool in the 'nineties will have precious few good memories of that decade. It was the era when everything fell apart for the club. The unsurpassed dominance of the previous 20 years was to evaporate quicker than you could say Neil Ruddock.

There was, however, one player that provided us with boundless joy and excitement in that period. That player was Robbie Fowler; the best natural scorer many of us have ever seen don the Liverbird. Fowler's strike rate for the club was an incredible 183 goals in 369 appearances.

This is a player who shone for Liverpool throughout the bleakness of those years of white-suited foppery and 'pass-the-pound' underachievement.

Fowler scored 13 goals in his first 12 senior games as a teenager, including a 5 goal haul against Fulham in the League Cup in his second senior cup outing and a hat trick against Southampton in his fifth league match. He notched three in 4 minutes and 33 seconds against Arsenal in the '94/'95 season, still a record to this day. This then, was a man who knew about finding the net.

In an interview with Sport 360, Fowler, dubbed 'God' by the adoring Liverpool faithful, said that it was hard for him to say if Suarez was better than him but when pushed, the former number 9 said that he would back himself and that his record as a goalscorer "stands up to the best of them at Liverpool."

Fowler was gracious enough to concede that in Rush, Owen and Torres, he had better players around him than Suarez currently has and insisted that "the history of Liverpool shows that we've always had good strikers." He also praised the progress of the team under Brendan Rodgers, whom he claimed was "a fantastic manager" and "the right man" to lead Liverpool into the future.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to dream of a Suarez/ Fowler partnership and the world-domination that would inevitably follow for Liverpool Football Club.

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