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Carragher Set for Sky Sports Future

Of the two speculated retirement paths in front of him, Jamie Carragher looks set to take the road that leads him away from Anfield, at least for the foreseeable future.

Alex Livesey

After spending several years accumulating a variety of coaching qualifications, many Liverpool fans hoped Jamie Carragher's first move after retiring would be to embed himself into the club's coaching set-up in some way, preferably as close to the first team as possible. Both Brendan Rodgers and Kenny Dalglish before him spoke enthusiastically about finding a role at the club for the talismanic defender after he'd hung up his boots for good, and it seems more than inevitable that Carra will stay tied to the club in some way for the rest of his life.

But the wants of the club and the fans hardly outweigh the wants of the man, and having spent nearly twenty-five years of his life with the organization, it's not necessarily surprising that Carragher might choose to take a few steps back and try something new rather than continuing to immerse himself in the club.

Carragher's successful tour as an ITV commentator during Euro 2012 sparked discussion that a future away from LFC could be a possibility. Generally perceived as a refreshing and candid voice during the tournament, Carragher has apparently been offered a lucrative contract to work with Sky Sports next season, according to the Mirror.

Carragher won't be the first player-turned-pundit at Sky, of course. The network currently employs Gary Neville, who, like Carragher, has been a surprising revelation for viewers of all factions with his own brand of plain-spoken commentary during the last two seasons.

All jokes aside about the ability of television audiences to understand Carra's delightful Scouse accent, his voice would be a welcome addition to any network's match day team, and not just because he's one of our own. Good commentators are hard to find, and if Carra can spend a few years improving the quality of in-game commentary, then it's not the worst way he could spend his time before returning to Liverpool in some capacity.

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