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Suarez Sad to Read "Twisted Words"

Comments about a potential summer move away from Liverpool were widespread midweek, but the Uruguayan immediately walked any controversy back, expressing his disappointment at what he felt was a twisting of the comments he actually made.

Mike Hewitt

"I'm sad to read these things. When it's in England, I accept it but I do not expect my words to be twisted over here [Uruguay]."

--Luis Suarez

A brief statement from Suarez such as this doesn't necessarily quell much of the sentiment that stirred after the Uruguayan's comments just a day earlier, but it at least goes some way to confirming the assertions made by Liverpool managing director Ian Ayre around the same time. Or at least as much as you can confirm the type of assertion that many have made before regardless of whether or not a player ends up sticking around during a transfer window that doesn't start for another three full months.

We're sure to be inundated with plenty of talk about an exit for Luis Suarez; the will he, won't he saga got its legs loose over the January transfer window, and will be sure to be fit and firing after Liverpool's Premier League season wraps up in mid-May. Thus far we haven't heard too much about other teams in England expressing interest, with most of the links coming anywhere from Spain to Germany to Italy.

The possible destination isn't as bothersome as the general acceptance that there is probably a point in the near future that Luis Suarez will leave Liverpool. That's pure speculation, of course, just as every shred of discussion that occurs outside the immediate parties involved will be. It won't stop until he either stays past August 31st--or January 31st of 2014--or he leaves, and that's just sort of the way things will go.

I don't know that there's much of an opinion to be had here other than, "oh." He's quite good, Liverpool likes him, he seems to quite like Liverpool, or at least he says he does, and he's got a contract with the club that pays well and has an assured future. Maybe that future involves Champions League football and league titles with Liverpool, and maybe it involves that same sort of thing with another club.

But let's at least let the future get here before we panic about it. Good players will endlessly be linked with clubs that are more successful than the one with whom they currently play, and given Liverpool's form, there's not exactly a shortage of those clubs. Luis Suarez probably does deserve Champions League football if that's a thing that players actually deserve, and he'll likely end up getting it one way or another.

So you know, whatever. There's no conclusion here other than that Luis Suarez said some stuff, Ian Ayre did too, then Suarez said more stuff, and everyone rushed to try to figure out what it meant. Loyalty, money, balanced books, etc. etc. etc. For all intents and purposes, at least right now, it doesn't mean anything. Until it everyone decides that it does again in a couple weeks when someone asks a question and somebody else answers it. Then we'll do this whole thing over again.

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