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Poll: Attack Attack Attack?

Liverpool have struggled to find balance following two very attacking January signings, and we want to know what you would do to fix things if you were in charge. Scroll to the bottom for the poll.

Michael Regan

Liverpool were fortunate to escape Tottenham with three points, relying on a pair of costly defensive errors on a night when Spurs went home feeling they had at least edged the match. Against Wigan the week before, early chances taken by Liverpool and missed opportunities by the Latics quickly shifted the dynamic of the match in the Reds' favour and set the stage for a generous scoreline.

In one case, Liverpool had been lucky; in the other, their attackers had been deadly; in neither had the 4-2-4 deployed by Brendan Rodgers led to a dominating night in the middle of the park. Then, rather than noting the difficulty his side had had consistently controlling midfield even with Lucas and Steven Gerrard in the side and seeking to better balance it, Rodgers used the same approach against Southampton.

Only this time around, Liverpool's opponents didn't gift them a pair of goals as Tottenham had. And this time around, Liverpool's attackers didn't put away a goal within the first five minutes to set the tone in their favour. And perhaps most importantly, this time around, instead of Lucas and Gerrard in midfield, it was Gerrard and the injured Joe Allen—a pairing that has rarely looked to hold much promise whenever Rodgers has fallen back on it.

Replacing Allen with the tireless workrate and disciplined play of Jordan Henderson would have been a step in the right direction, but for many the best answer would have been to include both Allen and Henderson at the expense of one of the attackers in the hopes it would rebalance a side that even in victory has often seemed top-heavy since the manager began looking for ways to incorporate his January signings.

So this week, we want to know how you'd approach things moving forward if it was up to you. Would you use Daniel Sturridge, who has struggled for form since returning from injury, as an impact sub and allow Suarez to move back to playing as the lone true striker? Would you drop one of Coutinho or Downing to involve Henderson despite both wide players having impressed?

Or would you perhaps do exactly what Rodgers has so far seemed inclined to, relying on Lucas returning to pair with Gerrard in the middle of the park and trusting those two will be able to do just enough to allow all of Sturridge, Coutinho, and Downing to remain involved in the attack alongside Luis Suarez?

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