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Ngoo Loan Offers Chance for Silverware

With rumours swirling his permanent home could soon be in Scotland, Liverpool loanee Micahel Ngoo prepares for a chance to capture the first silverware of his career with Hearts in the Scottish Cup final.

Clint Hughes

Liverpool may have exited the FA Cup at the hands of a lower league side and fallen from the Europa League thanks to the away goal rule, ending any chances they had of capturing silverware in 2013, but loanee Michael Ngoo has the chance to win his first trophy on Sunday when Hearts take on St. Mirren in the Scottish Cup final.

"I can’t wait," said Ngoo of the chance to win the first silverware of his career. "All the Liverpool reserve players went to watch [the League Cup final] and celebrated with the boys afterwards. Of course I wanted to be out there—every player wants to experience that sort of big occasion—but I had to acknowledge the fact that I am young and still learning the game.

"It’s good to learn off good players and go to big games. You need to soak up everything those players do and apply it when you get your own chance. They travelled back because the league was still going on—we celebrated on the way back on the train, we passed the cup around and everyone was taking pictures and singing and there was a bit of champagne.

"It’s not the same as playing. It will be very different on Sunday and I need to step up to the mark. I have a few of my friends coming up. A few of the players wanted to come up, but they can’t because of training but they’ll all be watching on TV."

Since arriving at Hearts at the end of January, Ngoo has quickly become an integral part of their attack, scoring three goals and adding a pair of assists in ten starts—and playing a role in fully half of their goals. Now he will have the chance to help them win their first Scottish Cup in fifty years.

There are, however, rumours it might not be Ngoo's last chance for a trophy in Scotland, with Hearts as well as a handful of other sides in the league believed to have been impressed enough by his play so far to seek out his services permanently. Along with that have come rumours Liverpool would be willing to see him head north full time for around £2M.

"Maybe Brendan might be looking for other things in his team, like height and strength, so hopefully I have done enough to be considered in his plans for next season," was Ngoo's take on the matter, the striker clearly hoping the future will include a return to Anfield at the end of the season.

"I’m glad that I’ve been a challenge for very good defenders in my first ever top-flight run. I’m still young, I’m 20, and if I keep working and practising then I could be a Plan B for Liverpool. They have DVDs of all my performances. Even if they don’t get to the game they’ll see the DVD and I am always getting texts from the staff at Liverpool."

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