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Watch: Every Luis Suarez Premiership Goal To Date

There aren't many Liverpool fans who would argue that the highlight of this maddeningly inconsistent season has been the world-class form of Luis Suarez. It seems only right, ahead of this potentially tricky game against Tottenham, to enjoy his goals thus far.

Alex Livesey

This week Liverpool Football Club made an important step towards retaining the services of their best footbaler when he triggered the newest clause in his incentive-based contract. Various six-figure amounts have been suggested thus far, but the bottom line is that it is now far more lucrative for Suarez to play well for Liverpool than it has been to date.

Monopoly-money it may be, to you and I, but few will begrudge it to a man who, with all due deference to Messrs Bale and van Persie, has been the most exciting performer in England's top division this season. It is not simply the impressive tally of goals that has proven this, but also the quality and variety of those goals. Simply put, there is nobody else like Suarez plying their trade in the Premiership.

The Uruguayan's inventiveness, speed of thought, fleetness of foot and sheer audacity make him a unique performer - the kind that, were he to finish his career at Liverpool, would go down as an all-time-great of the club. It is tribute to Suarez that this kind of statement, uncommon from old cynics like myself, is not in any way hyperbolic.

Everyone will have personal favourites. Personally, I can't look past the astounding effort against Newcastle at Anfield. Feel free to debate your own choices below and let us hope that there will be more gems to add to the collection before the season's end. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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