YNKA: You'll Never Knit Alone

This post is obviously a little outside the usual content posted on this site, but I thought I would share this project with those of you who have an inner craft nerd just dying to get out.

I am a bit of an avid crafter and felt compelled to express my love for the club the only way I knew how: I knit an LFC-themed sweater. As you do. I took an existing pattern and altered all the motifs to reflect many of the common references to the club's history and identity.

Lfc-sweater-front_medium Lfc-sweater-back_medium


All of the grey/white motifs are based on Turkish knitting patterns because of the Miracle of Istanbul.

Lfc-sweater-013_medium Lfc-sweater-025_medium

If you're not yet aware, we won it five times. L4 is Anfield's postal code.


"Poor Scouser Tommy" is my absolute favourite Kop song, so it was a given that I'd have to find a way to integrate it somewhere into the design.


Because YNWA had to be included somewhere.

Besides the fact that it's super warm and extra cozy, I had a lot of fun making this. If anyone else likes to knit and/or has a very generous grandmother, you can find the Liver bird chart here. Thanks for looking!

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