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Watch: "It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn"

A look at the season's struggles and highlights from @lfcindex with a view to things eventually turning the corner for good.

Alex Livesey

Among the perks of being a Liverpool supporter is the presence of an active and talented video editing community--some don't have the time to produce as much as we'd prefer, but what's available is almost always of a high quality. Typically the work comes in the form of an every touch compilation, which we're more than happy to have, as it allows us to take a look at the previous match's top performers without having to actually do any of the work.

Kendra, RedNigerian, MrBoyWunder, and Mostar are among the names of those whose work we feature most regularly--Kendra's Jordan Henderson compilation was obviously the finest YouTube video to ever grace the internet--and today Lenny Aidefors has released a broader look at the season to this point, featuring both the highs and lows of a typically bipolar campaign.

It's hard to watch something like this and not feel the slightest glimmer of optimism, even if everything's still the worst and we can't be convinced otherwise. Individual errors and lapses in judgment have been all too frequent and have taken up plenty of space around here, but there's almost always been some sort of reason for hope lurking just around the corner, and at least for five minutes or so, those reasons almost feel valid.


Video by Lenny Aidefors

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