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Borini Set for Surgery and Eight Week Layoff

A season already interrupted by injury has now likely been ended by it, as Fabio Borini will undergo surgery that rules him out for six to eight weeks.

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Clive Brunskill

Luis Suarez quite enjoys playing football, and when he doesn't have the chance to--either through injury, omission, or substitution--he's not the most pleasant person around. Which makes him wonderful, of course, but few predicted that he'd start all four matches from last Monday to the second leg of the Europa League tie at Anfield. With three gone and one left, though, it's going to be a reality, and all that's left at this point is to hope that he stays healthy and, in the case of tomorrow's match, helps Liverpool move on in Europe.

Missing Daniel Sturridge for the West Brom match and the Europa League seemed to indicate that we'd get Fabio Borini to spell Suarez for at least a match or two, but he didn't appear in the Monday loss to West Brom and didn't manage to find a way through in Russia. He finally got a crack in the 5-0 win over Swansea on Sunday, coming on for Suarez in the 78th minute, only for it all to end in injury again.

Earlier today, Brendan Rodgers commented on his prospects for treatment and recovery:

"By the weekend, he'll look to have an operation and you're then looking at six to eight weeks. It's been a difficult season for him coming into such a big club and getting injured early on. He came back, worked hard but then injured his shoulder.

"He's a tough-minded young boy, so hopefully he'll get through the operation well and we'll see how he is. He'll go away, he'll recover and hopefully we'll see the best of him in the future."

There's also a report in the Telegraph that he might be in need of another operation on his foot, which might not set him back any further but would be an additional blow given the struggles he's had this season. His Liverpool career to this point has been a frustrating one, and while that's not going to change in the immediate future, he'll hopefully be up and running come late July for him to start all over again.

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