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Doni "Almost Went to the Other Side" After Cardiac Arrest

A day after it's confirmed that the Brazilian goalkeeper had his contract terminated by Liverpool, the frightening reason for his extended absence was revealed.

Clint Hughes

The disappearance of backup goalkeeper Alexander Doni began as one of the more amusing storylines of the 2012-2013 seasons, largely because he'd seemed to be in the mix as the second-choice goalkeeper behind Pepe Reina and then, inexplicably, he was gone. Nothing from the club or the player until a few weeks ago, when he cryptically indicated that the truth would come out sooner or later.

Now it seems as though it has, and, unfortunately, it's anything but amusing:

"I was taking the medical exams and I had a cardiorespiratory arrest. I was unconscious for 25 seconds and almost went 'to the other side'. After that, I went to London and had several exams that confirmed I didn't have any sequels. Then they sent me back to Rome, where one of the finest doctors in Europe took care of me for six years. After yet another load of exams, the doctors asked me to stay a few more months on the sidelines."

This doesn't clear up the comments from last week or why exactly this sort of information wasn't disclosed earlier--a player wanting privacy is understandable, and hopefully that's the case, but talk of lawyers being involved and lies being told implies that there was more going on than a player suffering some sort of severe medical issue and wanting to keep it private.

Regardless, it's frightening stuff, and we're obviously all hoping that better days are ahead in life and, if it's possible, football.

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