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Watch: Luis Suarez v. Swansea

Video of Luis Suarez' man of the match performance against Swansea on Sunday, where along with a strong day with the ball at his feet there was some exceptional link-up play to give Liverpool fans hope for the future.

Laurence Griffiths

For most, the performance of debutant Philippe Coutinho was the obvious focus following Sunday's 5-0 hammering of Swansea, with the Brazilian attacking midfielder scoring on his full debut after a brief cameo against West Brom earlier in the week. The real star of the show, though, was Luis Suarez, who added one more goal to his tally along with putting on yet another man of the match performance.

With Daniel Sturridge back in the lineup, it was also a chance to watch Suarez take on the slightly more reserved role he has often been seen in since the ex-Chelsea man headed north to Anfield early in the January transfer window. And that meant another chance to see something that hasn't often been a highlight of Suarez' Liverpool career to date—namely, his ability to spot and execute a quite audacious pass or two when presented with runners ahead of him.

Suarez was as dangerous as he ever was with the ball at his feet, and his left footed effort that brought him to within a goal of Robin van Persie as he races for the Premier League's golden boot was a lovely bit of individual skill. As often as not, though, what stood out most against Swansea was his long-range passing and link up play—with Sturridge but also with new signing Coutinho and the rest of Liverpool's midfielders.

Whether Suarez can put in the same kind of performance on Thursday without either of Liverpool's January signings on the pitch for him to play off of is an open question, but before we entirely shift to worrying about that, it seems worth taking a moment to relive just how well he played—and played off those two—on Sunday.

Video by MrBoywunder

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