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Borini Expected to Miss Remainder of the Season

It was immediately clear that Fabio Borini's shoulder injury was painful, but Brendan Rodgers' post-match comments indicate that the negative impact will be lasting.

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Clive Brunskill

Unless your heart was set on it, it'd have been hard to come away from today's win over Swansea feeling entirely negative. A mostly good performance from start to finish, a goal on his full debut from Philippe Coutinho, and an excellent rebound from what's been a difficult week. The only thing that would have made it better, at least for me, would have been to see Fabio Borini get his first league goal for Liverpool, as he's missed a large portion of the season with a foot injury and has found minutes hard to come by since returning.

So instead we got the complete opposite of that. From Brendan Rodgers' post-match:

"He will probably be out for the season. It looks like he's dislocated his shoulder. It's unfortunate. It's actually the other shoulder to a similar injury he had when he was at Chelsea. It looks like in the early stages that is the diagnosis."

It's a big blow for both player and club; most will argue that the latter won't be affected as much, and they're probably right, but when fit, he adds depth, workrate, and smart movement, and especially with Luis Suarez on tired legs ahead of Thursday, he could have had a part to play. And you can't help but feel badly for him regardless of whether you think he's someone who'll make a big impact at Liverpool--you never want to see a player injured, and that he's one of Liverpool's own, one who was desperate to make an impact, is upsetting.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly, and that this is the last time we have to wish Fabio Borini a speedy and healthy recovery from an extended injury layoff.

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