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Henderson: "We Know We Didn't Play Well"

Despite being disappointed by Monday's result, Jordan Henderson believes Liverpool's season isn't over just yet. Without a positive result on Thursday, though, it might be.

Chris Brunskill

"We're all very disappointed," said Jordan Henderson following Monday night's disheartening defeat at the hands of West Bromwich Albion. "We had a few chances in the game but we just couldn't take them. The manager didn't have much to say after. We all know we didn't play particularly well.

"I don't think we passed the ball as well as we could have done. We had a lot of the ball but we didn't create as much as we have been doing. It's frustrating but that's football. You have to take these things on board and learn from it."

Adding to the frustration is the fact that the gap between Liverpool, now in ninth place, and Tottenham in fourth has risen to twelve points with just twelve games remaining. Making up that kind of a gap might not be mathematically impossible, but it means Liverpool need to be four wins better than Tottenham the rest of the way.

Put another way, it would mean that even if Liverpool were to win all of their remaining matches, Tottenham would have to lose one in three between now and the end of the season for the two sides to end level on points. No matter how red-tinted one's glasses are, that hardly seems a likely eventuality.

The gap between Liverpool and Arsenal in fifth stands a slightly less intimidating eight points, but even that seems a very tall mountain to climb with so little time remaining in the season and Liverpool's frustratingly inconsistent form. Henderson, though, isn't quite ready to give up on the league season, no matter how bleak the numbers might look.

"We just have to keep going, keep our heads up and bounce back from this," he added. "We just have to stay positive and think about the next game now which is Zenit in the Europa League on Thursday night.

"Hopefully we can improve, get some better results in the league and look to close that gap."

He may not believe Liverpool's league goals are out of reach just yet, but it's looking increasingly like the only realistic route back into Europe for Liverpool this season involves winning the Europa League. That puts a lot of pressure on Henderson and the rest of the squad to turn things around quickly following Monday's disappointment.

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