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Poll: Grading Liverpool's Transfer Window

With the January window shut, it's time to evaluate the business the club managed to complete.

Mark Thompson

From a Liverpool perspective, yesterday didn't produce anything particularly earth-shattering--Noel had the day covered from start to finish, which ended with traffic having flowed in only one direction. Both incoming signings were relatively settled in advance, and those who ended up leaving were fringe first-teamers at best, leaving little action on a day that failed to produce much in the way of drama.

Which isn't a bad thing, of course, and it's allowed for more level-headed reflection on the quality of Liverpool's business, especially when compared to how things shook out two seasons ago. The signings of Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho weren't necessarily a shock to anyone; the former was strongly linked in the summer and had all but settled his move to Merseyside prior to the new year, and the latter emerged as a concrete target nearly a week and a half before his deal was settled.

Both will be expected to contribute immediately, and in the case of Sturridge, we've already seen some remarkably encouraging signs. His run of three goals in his first three games had him flying, and the understanding he's begun to develop with Luis Suarez has produced a number of dangerous attacking moves. Far from perfect, but a much more positive impact than what we feared. Coutinho's a lesser-known quantity in some cases--although Conor's scouting report from the other day allowed for an instant boost--but Brendan Rodgers has already outlined expectations that the Brazilian will have his chances in the very near future.

The rest of the discussion focuses on those who've left the club--each of Joe Cole, Nuri Sahin, and Doni left for good, and loan moves saw Adam Morgan, Danny Wilson, Michael Ngoo, and Dani Pacheco head elsewhere temporarily. All told there's not much arguing to be made about the exports, each of whom were either wasting their time and Liverpool's money on the bench or, in the case of the younger players, in need of experience against competition outside of the reserves.

So now that it's all done, what do you think? Was it a resounding, if unspectacular success? Did they need to do more? If so, what?

Take the poll quick-like and chime in below with your evaluation, as it'll be interesting to see where folks lie now that there's nothing left now but the football. For me, it was a good month for the club, but one in which I'd have liked to see them do more. Cover in the midfield and at fullback, and more engineered to try to get first-team minutes for the youngsters that stuck around for depth without the guarantee that they'll do more than spectate. Not sure who or what would have been realistic, but I'm left feeling that there's still an awfully big chance being taken with the depth of the squad as it is.

But you know, at least we get to do it all over again this summer. Right?

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