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World Cup Draw Open Thread

With the drawing of lots soon to come, let's sit down and have a chat, shall we?

Buda Mendes

The World Cup draw is fast approaching, so we thought we'd give you all a place to sit down and hash it out.

Weather you're a US fan dreading being drawn in to a Group Of Death, or an England fan just hoping to be able to coast through the group stage without too much pain, or a Nigeria fan hoping to shock the world, this is a pretty important moment. Now is when we find out who plays who and can start actually projecting how things will go for those in to that, or just generally dreading the actual matches and expecting everything to go down in flames.

The draw starts shortly at 1630 GMT/1130 EST, and some pre-draw coverage has already begun. ESPN3 is streaming it live in the US, and it appears that most of the major sports networks in Europe have streaming options available as well. So sit down, grab some coffee, and let's watch people pull out some ping pong balls.

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