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Cavani: Suarez Would Command a World Record Fee

Luis Suarez' compatriot Edinson Cavani believes that at this point it would take a world record fee to pry the striker away from Anfield—and that Suarez is worth that kind of money.

Ronald Martinez

It seems it's always feast or famine when it comes to Luis Suarez. Over the summer, with the striker angling for a move first to Madrid and then to Arsenal, Liverpool fans were told they'd be fortunate to fetch the £50M many believed to be his minimum pricetag. At the time, his latest moment of controversy was fresh in the mind, adding an awkward "but" to any discussion of what he might be worth on pure talent.

Now, with the striker leading the league in scoring despite missing its first month and making noises suggesting he's happy to remain at Anfield at least for now, the £50M some thought Liverpool would be lucky to get mere months ago seems laughably undervalued. At least if you ask fellow countryman Edinson Cavani, who is convinced that if Suarez were to head to Madrid it would have to be for a world record fee.

"All of the four goals Luis scored were of the highest quality," said Cavani, adding to the growing mountain of praise that has followed Suarez' four goal night against Norwich. "But nothing he does surprises me because I know what he is capable of. I don’t know his future—but if he is sold I am sure Liverpool will want a world-record fee for him. The record was broken in the summer, and for me Luis is at a higher level than that."

Cavani himself fetched £55M when he swapped Serie A for French spenders PSG over the summer, but by a fair distance the current record belongs to Gareth Bale, whose Madrid move saw a quite ridiculous £86M handed to Tottenham. Having largely failed to impress for the Spanish giants only makes that fee seem even larger, and it would be difficult today to find a Madridista who wouldn't have rather seen it spent on Suarez.

"He is the only player that I think is on the same level as Ronaldo and Messi," added Cavani. "If two or three of the biggest clubs in Europe show interest in him, then I think he could break the world record fee for sure, and with the way he is playing you would have to say he is worth it."

For now, though, with Suarez continuing to impress for a Liverpool side contending for the top four and the player likely to have one eye on next summer's World Cup, the safe money may actually be on talk of world record fees being paid for him not becoming anything more than idle talk until at least the end of the season.

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