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(Almost) Everybody Loves Luis Suarez

Last night's performance against Norwich was far from perfect, leaving many of the questions that followed Sunday's loss to Hull unanswered, but Luis Suarez Luis Suarez Luis Suarez.

Jan Kruger

Today, everybody loves them some Luis Suarez. Expect perhaps for Norwich City and their supporters. But still, everybody except for them. And maybe Branislav Ivanovic and, whatever the never quite entirely agreed upon particulars, Patrice Evra. Oh, and Ghana. The people of Ghana probably still aren't much fond of him. At least the ones who aren't also Liverpool fans, who may still feel a touch conflicted.

But we're looking to stay on board the positivity train for at least another hour or two, hands remaining clutched to our face in disbelief and happiness to mirror Suarez' own ever since his third went in last night. So, before we begin to wring our hands about so-so midfields and a shaky defending and misspent millions and all the rest: everybody loves Luis Suarez. And let's just choose to leave it at that.

"You have seen a world-class performance," said captain Steven Gerrard, "probably one of the best individual performances I've seen at Anfield—and I've been playing here a long time. Having worked with him every single day, it's probably less of a surprise to me. I've been pushing his corner for a long time that he is up there with the best in the world. I think he's getting so close to the main two, Ronaldo and Messi. If he keeps going, I think he can catch them."

Joe Allen found himself reintroduced to the starting eleven just in time to let the world know "that's what you call a masterclass" before echoing Gerrard's claim Suarez was amongst the very best, while Brendan Rodgers tacked Suarez onto the go-to duo of Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo and called him one of the three best players in the world. Amongst the shocked gasps of fans and pundits everywhere, former Liverpool players found time to chime in on Suarez, too.

"I thought he was unbelievable," said Ian Rush, Liverpool's all time top goalscorer. "I think there are certain games and certain players that are special, and when Luis plays against Norwich he is absolutely incredible. Norwich didn't do anything bad. I think they were okay, but that was a one man team, it was an unbelievable performance. I think Suarez went out against Norwich knowing he was going to score. I think that was the difference last night."

Now about that "one man team" part and that behind Suarez, Liverpool didn't look a whole lot better against Norwich than they did over the weekend against Hull City...

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